2021-04-04 Holidays in Romania in Transylvania.
Ecotourism in Romania

Holiday in Transylvania and in Romania

You should have a nice travel and a good journey to Romania and to the Carpathian mountains. Transylvania is the biggest region of Romania and probably the most visited one. When you visit Transylvania you dive into a mix of hills and valleys, of cultures, nature and history. Transylvania is a nature region, but diverse at the same time. It is worth trying to observe the mountains between the Carpathians, both culture and nature.
This region is a paradise with abundant history and multicultural relaxing. All over Transylvania the recreation of Romanians and foreign visitors is a leading goal. Romania is rich in historic and misty medieval sites: there are well known castles like Dracula's one in Bran and hidden fortresses and about fifty fortified saxon churches. Romania's greatest and best preserved castles and caves with vampires can be found here. But for the more natural traveler, there are many small villages with climbing possibilities and old vampires.
As Transylvania is circled by the Carpathian mountains there are a lot of mountain guesthouses and hiking or accommodation possibilities. All over the Carpathians there are great national parks, one of the most important are the Bucegi mountains. In the center of the country there are green meadows and rivers like the Olt where you can ride on with a raft. Most Transylvanian cities are very ancient, and the climate is generally good, making it easy for visitors and travelers to enjoy a holiday with family or with small groups.
Holiday in Romania in Transylvania
Holiday in Romania  
CNTOURS is the key tour operator in Romania for environment-friendly and close to nature tours and travels. The focus is on nature and hiking holidays in the Carpathians and in Transylvania for families and small groups.
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