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The defense is the court and the prosecutor as a sibling. That it is not part of the court or the prosecution, but independent of them. He is equally, if this can be accepted on the base of the law. This means in particular that he is not bound by any instructions by the court or the prosecutor. Defender may be a barrister and every lawyer in a German court. By law, the defense comes through a jurist considered. In special cases, he also offers the possibility of defense for another offense that enjoys the confidence of the debtor, while he was ordering the help of lawyers in Germany.
At any stage of criminal proceedings, ie during the pre-trial, interlocutory proceedings and at the trial and in each instance, the accused has the right to be represented by counsel. In accordance with this part of the principles of a fair trial lawyer. Thereafter, a defender is appointed if detention is ordered. Also in the enforcement of sentences to the convicted person may use legal counsel.
The defense lawyer is not bound by instructions of the debt collection agency in Germany, but has - to serve only the interests of his client - within the legal limit. His position is not comparable with that of the prosecutor or the judge, he is unlike them in the context of the existing law required only in the interest of the offense. The criminal defence of several suspects in the same civil proceedings by lawyers because of possible interest permitted by law.

Debt collection

Election defense attorney is the defence, which is done by the defendant or defendants from freely chosen and paid defenders. It differs from the statutory defense is not content, even if the detainees generally have less confidence in a German civil court ordered the public defender, as a defender, which they themselves have chosen. The period of provisional arrest to the arrest in custody may be released on bail by bond, however, are sentences in custom, the legal consequence.
Lawyer in Germany for debt collection:
Legal fees will be claimed as payment from the debtor, if a debtor does not pay, you send a single reminder to the debtor and leave the rest to us. Legal action and pursue the debt until collection by a bailiff. In a legitimate claim the final judgement obliges the borrower to reimburse all statutory legal fees and the interest on the debt after successful execution of judgement. This link leads to the startpage.